Kazakh National grammar school ‘Galym’ in the market of education works 20 years. It is formed in 1995. The state license N 0002124 A.A. Principal Kumisbekova Aiman Kumisbekovna, the honourable pupil of national education, graduate ASU of name Abay in 1976. The grammar school certification passes each five years. The school during such check is checked on conformity to standart education department. In 2007 the grammar school has successfully passed certification without the uniform remark. By results of check the commission has made a decision: ‘The Grammar school fully complies with the requirements showed to modern school. Figures of statistics of quality of progress have practically coincided with quality of progress of school’.

The school is designed for 140 children.
To children of a grammar school on domestic it is warm and cozy.
Grammar school ‘Galym’ has new classes. In classes 10-15 person, to each child is provided individually – differentiated the approach.
There is remarkably equipped, spacious class of computer science and the Internet. There is expanded library. The fund of library makes about 5000 books and methodical grants.

There is convenient changing room with individual cases. The light, updated dining room equipped with the newest furniture and kitchen belongings where qualitative three meals a day are provided. There is spacious small hall where teaching structure and children spend the most various actions. Cozy, almost domestic conditions of grammar school ‘Galym’ in the greater degree is a merit of president of the Independent Association of businessmens Talgat Jaudovich Akuov. In 2005 with a view of rendering support on performance of the program of development of a state language and before celebrating the Constitution day of Kazakhstan the Independent Association of businessmen has carried out the social project of support of education.

Independent Association of businessmens and personally its president Talgat Jaudovich Akuov, has assisted in purchase for Kazakh national grammar school ‘Galym’ of a new building, completely having equipped with modern furniture and office equipment. It is the example of rendering assistance first in Kazakhstan to education on the part of the businessmens. Now grammar school ‘Galym’ works in the new building located in micro-district ‘Taugul’ where magnificent conditions for good, qualitative training are created.
Educational process goes 5 days in a week, from 08.30 till 17.00 evenings.
Delivery of pupils and teachers to employment also is home carried out by transport of a grammar school.

Almaty, Auezovsky area. Micro-district ‘Taugul’, Teplichnaya 58 str.

Ph.: +7 (727) 221-77-62, 221-77-63, +7 (700) 424-08-84, +7 (701) 397-37-84

Білім Нарығында 27 Жыл

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