Training is conducted from the first class in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

25 years of successful teaching

Kazakh National grammar school ‘Galym’

Kazakh National grammar school ‘Galym’ in the market of education works 20 years. It is formed in 1995. The state license N 0002124 A.A. Principal Kumisbekova Aiman Kumisbekovna, the honourable pupil of national education, graduate ASU of name Abay in 1976. The grammar school certification passes each five years. The school during such check is checked on conformity to standart education department. In 2007 the grammar school has successfully passed certification without the uniform remark. By results of check the commission has made a decision: ‘The Grammar school fully complies with the requirements showed to modern school. Figures of statistics of quality of progress have practically coincided with quality of progress of school’.

The school is designed for 140 children.
To children of a grammar school on domestic it is warm and cozy.
Grammar school ‘Galym’ has new classes. In classes 10-15 person, to each child is provided individually – differentiated the approach.
There is remarkably equipped, spacious class of computer science and the Internet. There is expanded library. The fund of library makes about 5000 books and methodical grants.


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Учебный процесс

Chairs in 4 directions

In the gymnasium, the following departments operate in 4 areas: Department of Primary Classes, Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Humanities and Public Department, Department of Sports and Art. The “Young Teacher” school works to help the novice teacher. The following clubs also work: scientific clubs “Daryn” and “Intellect”, the club of debates and KVN.

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Successful passing UNT

All graduates successfully passed the UNT and entered the prestigious universities of Kazakhstan and foreign countries. At school for 20 years of work there were 14 issues. Teaching is fully conducted in the state language.

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Wonderful team of professionals

The school has a wonderful team of professionals in the amount of 25 people who transfer all their knowledge, skills and experience. Teachers actively participate in the education of the district and the city, give demonstrative lessons at district and city seminars. The students of these teachers are active participants in the intellectual marathon “Akbota”,…

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Learning languages

In addition to the basic disciplines stipulated by the standard of education, English and Russian languages, computer science, and Kazakh literature are studied in depth.

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The teachers of the school constantly introduce into the educational process a creative method of disclosing the abilities of high-school students, since the best and fullest personality of the child is revealed in the works. In the only school, amateur art activities were built into the method and are massive. Practically all the children in…

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High student performance

The effectiveness of the school’s educational process is manifested in the high results that students show at the UNT, subject olympiads and competitions at various levels. All school successes are reflected in certificates, certificates, diplomas. The pedagogical team is sure that after completing fundamental training at the gymnasium, the student has a decent base for…

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Strict control over the educational process

There is a person in the school who strictly follows all of this, controls the educational, scientific and educational process, monitors the work of all circles and sections, creates a benevolent moral and psychological climate for working in the gymnasium – this is the head teacher for the academic and scientific part, and also on…

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Learning to play dombra

In the only school in Kazakhstan from grades 1 to 11, the subject “Learning to play the dombra”…


Also in the gymnasium program included dance lessons. She teaches these lessons, works out additionally with children three…



The school pays great attention to national and classic sports, sports and games are constantly held. About 40…


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